Corporate Partners

NAS is the next generation online platform providing corporate sponsors and advertisers with media, marketing and sponsorship rights that provide direct access to millions of high school athletes and their families nationwide. Your support extends to the NAS StatSquad program that connects athletics and the teaching of STEM skills to build a better prepared global workforce.

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NAS provides educational institutions with an advanced approach to online communication with your community of students, parents and coaches, saving you time and increasing financial support of your programs. Our NAS StatSquad program partners with your schools to help teach STEM skills to match the growing workforce needs for expertise in data analytics.

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Shared Value

  • In addition to receiving improved brand exposure and equity, corporations help provide valuable STEM-based learning opportunities
  • Students receive afterschool athletic-based experiential opportunities in the fast growing areas of information technology, digital media and data analytics
  • Teachers receive continuing education to teach STEM curriculum and receive stipends for managing the program
  • School districts receive an athletic web portal that delivers quality information and helps market district athletic programs
  • Communities gain quality news-style coverage and data for athletics